Combining passion and technology

With thousands of special objects showcased every day, hundreds of thousands of daily bids, millions of users and billions of clicks, the Catawiki platform generates vast amounts of data every day. All this information is used by our team of analysts and data scientists to build a better company.
At Catawiki, we believe in incorporating data into our decision making, and the Data Science & Analytics team plays a key role in doing so. Our data department consists of three teams:
Insights - Empowers the whole company with the right data insights, self-service and reporting.

Machine Learning - Builds data science and machine learning models to create positive business impact in close collaboration with our tech and product teams.

Data Engineering - Builds robust and flexible data pipelines and data science infrastructures.

Meet Henk,
our Head of Data Science & Analytics

“I've been with Catawiki since late 2015, and it’s been a thrilling ride with fresh challenges every year. I come from a physics background, and what I really enjoy about the Data team is solving complex puzzles about our marketplace's dynamics, in a fast-paced collaborative environment of smart and friendly colleagues.

Our team is at the centre of the company, working closely with all the different departments. Together, we’re really making an impact with Catawiki's data. Each team member gets a lot of autonomy and ownership to work on their own topics with their own stakeholders – with the team serving as a stable homebase where we brainstorm about problems and learn from each other.”

Meet more of the team

Meet Kyara

Data Scientist

“I love working with passionate people and having a real impact. One day, I'm helping Marketing estimate the effect of their discount campaigns, and the next day I'm diving into our databases to visualise where new users are dropping off in our registration funnel.”

Meet Romane

Data Science Manager

“What’s unique about Catawiki is how Data Scientists are active participants in important decision making – we’re really seen as partners, rather than just data providers. As a result, our job is constantly evolving and we can really make a difference.”

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