Sharing the remarkable stories of special objects with the world

At Catawiki, we consider ourselves lucky to tell the amazing stories of our special objects, experts and sellers. Therefore our marketing engine is always running to showcase all this inspiration.
We’re opening up a world, traditionally reserved for the few, to the many. In today’s market, most special objects are still sold offline. Catawiki has a unique opportunity to bring this sector online to a worldwide audience.
We put our users’ passions centre stage in our marketing activities, by telling stories about the special objects they love. Through awareness-building brand campaigns, performance marketing activities, press opportunities to highlight amazing objects and auctions, re-engaging our existing user base through email marketing campaigns and more – we work towards our common goal of becoming the most popular online destination for special objects across the globe.
Our diverse team is split into five key functions: Brand, Communications, Performance Marketing, CRM, and Category Marketing.

Meet Daan,
our Vice President of Marketing

“As a Marketing team, we want the world to know about Catawiki and use our marketplace to buy and sell their special objects. What stands out for me, is that people love Catawiki once they’ve discovered it – around 90% of our sales come from returning customers. We're now active in over 60 countries and have become the leading marketplace for hard-to-find objects across many categories. 
While we’re helping people fulfil their passions, we’re simultaneously creating economic opportunities for our sellers. Our Marketing team currently counts over 40 colleagues with 20 different nationalities and diverse backgrounds. Marketing is a team sport, so we collaborate with many other teams to drive business growth and build a strong brand globally.”

Meet more of the team

Meet Tareeshi

Performance Marketing Manager

“Catawiki lets me combine my love for Seller Marketing with my passion for special objects. The team helped me move from New Delhi to Amsterdam for this role and is continually encouraging, elevating and creating opportunities to those who seek them.”

Meet Jennifer

Strategic Partnerships Manager

“I was a passionate Catawiki customer before I joined the team. Now, I help the company build mutually beneficial partnerships with various partners, connecting shared audiences with their passions through special objects and unique experiences.”

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