Helping Catawikians develop and grow

Our People Team contributes to Catawiki’s continuous growth and success, by creating a productive and energising environment for current and future Catawikians.
We actively collaborate with every team to make sure our six values are reflected throughout our organisation: Be Passionate, Be Open, Take Ownership, Move in Sync, Be Geeky and Delight Our Customer.
We work in a flexible and people-focused way to support the personal growth of Catawikians, while also creating scalable systems and processes to enable further business growth.
Currently 30 people strong, our team falls into four key areas: Talent Acquisition, People Business Partners, People Ops and Workplace Management Teams. Together, we work towards our common goal for Catawiki to remain an employer of choice.

Meet James,
our Senior Recruitment Manager

"It’s been an amazing ride to work at Catawiki for the past 6 years. Seeing the business quadruple in size and growing from a scrappy startup to a smooth sailing scale-up has been both challenging and rewarding. Working on Talent Acquisition in such a thriving business is exciting, as there’s massive potential for my work to impact the business further. The growth and success of individual Catawikians is a core part of the overall business strategy, which means that the work of my team is always visible and appreciated.”

Meet more of the team

Meet Samantha

Recruitment Coordinator

“It’s been very rewarding to see my work have an impact. What makes Catawiki and my team extra special, is how everyone works together to achieve each others’ goals. The flexibility allows me to be both a career woman and a mom.”

Meet Madelon

People Operations Manager

"As a member of the People Operations team, we make sure all Catawikians are empowered to do what they do best in their day-to-day work. The curiosity, open minds and enthusiasm of our colleagues is great to see and feel.”

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