Ensuring Catawiki remains a safe platform for all

Our Legal team members are not just experts in compliance, litigation, technology, e-commerce and data protection, but also serve as trusted counsellors to the broader company. We make sure Catawiki remains a safe environment for employees and customers alike.
We work cross-functionally to help achieve our mission of becoming the most popular destination for special objects across the globe. Proactively supporting the ever-changing needs of our business, we enable teams to run faster toward ambitious goals by eliminating gaps in compliance-related topics and securing sustainable stakeholder value.
Our legal team consists of 3 pillars:
  • Commercial - Proactively facilitates and helps navigate the business to run faster.

  • Compliance - Safeguards user trust and reputation by proactively managing key compliance risks.

  • Corporate & ESG - Creates and secures sustainable stakeholder value internally and externally as well as in the value chain.

Meet Aster,
our Head of Legal & Risk

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Meet some of the team

Meet Paul

Data Protection Lead

“I am very happy to see that a scale-up like Catawiki is taking data protection so seriously. My role requires me to work closely with every department in the company, which makes my job a lot of fun.”

Meet Andreas

Senior Legal Counsel

“Being a member of the legal team at a tech scale-up really is something different. The company really understands and appreciates the vital role of the legal counsel. My aim is to support Catawiki’s wildest dreams, within the given legal frameworks.”

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