Building the technologies that transition the world of special objects from offline to online

Catawiki offers tens of thousands of special objects in auction every week. Our Engineering team is responsible for the magic behind each bid – building the infrastructure, features and experiences that our millions of buyers and sellers love.
We innovate in clusters of small, agile, cross-functional teams, focused on specific users (such as buyers or sellers) or specific parts of the customer experience (such as shipping or payments).
The Catawiki experience is available to our customers through a web browser or our iOS and Android apps. We strive to deliver a flawless experience across all three of these platforms.
Our philosophy on tech stacks is to use the right tool for the problem we’re solving, but most of the time we use Ruby and Ruby on Rails on the backend, Typescript and React on the web frontend, and the native languages and UI frameworks for iOS and Android.
We run a Kubernetes orchestrated microservice architecture on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Each microservice encapsulates a part of our product domain, which allows us to iterate on new features quickly, scale each one as a separate entity in the system, measure and monitor its performance, and effectively isolate, identify and fix production issues whenever they occur.
Our specialty however, is using these modern technologies to build environments where people’s personal passions can thrive – both on our platform and in our teams. Catawiki’s novelties are thought up by a friendly and collaboration-focused team. Every colleague is valued and encouraged to learn and grow, so that we can tackle even the most challenging engineering problems together.

Meet Ozgen,
our VP of Engineering

“I’ve been with Catawiki since March 2021, and it has been an amazing experience so far. We are a growing and maturing tech-driven company, and you can feel the impact our engineering team has on a daily basis. Organisationally, we are putting some big blocks in place, such as the career and growth framework we launched in late 2021. We just cleaned up a lot of tech debt, and instituted Tech Foundations Weeks to be able to iterate our product fast and not let tech debt pile up over time. What I love most about Catawiki is that we achieve these things together, with everyone on board. Each individual can feel their impact every day.”

Meet more of the team

Meet Muriel

Backend Software Developer

“The domain and the microservice architecture of Catawiki are very complex and challenging, so there is always something new to learn. I get to work with many passionate and knowledgeable people, while seeing all kinds of interesting objects.”

Meet Bozhidar

Tech Lead Manager of FinTech

“One of the things I value most about this team is its diversity, with colleagues from four different continents and seven different countries. All those different perspectives allow us to find better solutions for our diverse customer base.”

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