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Our experts are the backbone of Catawiki. From Coins to Sports Memorabilia and Classic Cars, our Experts live and breathe their passion every day. Whether their knowledge comes from a professional career or years of after-work devotion to their passion, they’ve become true connoisseurs of their niche.
In their unique role within our company, Experts are able to build relationships with collectors, sellers and enthusiasts at trade shows, collectors events and meetups. They’re ambassadors within the community. With an extensive network of collectors and dealers, they have a keen eye for the sellers who will thrive on Catawiki.
Sellers submit thousands of objects every day, but Experts have a relentless focus on quality. On a day-to-day basis, they review submissions and only select the objects of highest quality for auctions. We don’t shy away from refusing objects. In fact, our Experts refuse over 15,000 objects per week!
Our Experts use their extensive knowledge to digitally review and select every object, before assisting sellers with their object presentation. They also create attractive auctions every week. Catawiki strives to keep user transactions as seamless as possible. Expertise and experience play a large part in maintaining this standard, as Experts review auction titles, descriptions and pictures and provide sellers with an estimated value of their item. Experts know better than anyone what items are of interest to our users.

Meet some of our in-house Experts


Rare coins and stamps,vintage toys, custom-built guitars, signed football jerseys and vintage cameras.

Art & Antiques

Discover rare bottles of whisky, unique pieces of jewellery from emerging designers, vintage watches and much more.


Find rare interior design pieces, paintings by your favourite artists or new, original work by the artists and designers.

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