Do your best work

We strive for all Catawikians to feel empowered to do the best work of their careers. But it doesn't end there. We’re committed to personal development by offering a multitude of opportunities to learn on the job. Our growth framework is designed to support employees with a clear path of how to grow within and beyond their role.
Through clear descriptions of company values and the individual behaviours, competencies and skills expected, we're able to identify and discuss opportunities for personal development. Together, we formulate action plans for learning and growing to help you thrive. We also provide ‘Catawiki Fundamentals’: a company-wide core training track which includes modules like Data-driven thinking and feedback for growth.
A passionate attitude and celebrating individual expertises are in our DNA. We encourage and support Catawikians to dive deeper into their areas of interest through events, conferences, books and bespoke training.

Grow with us

We are invested in the success of every Catawikian and fully support internal promotions and movement throughout the company. We're proud to share some of the growth stories of our brilliant colleagues:

Iryna, Data Scientist

"At Catawiki, coaching people to thrive in their roles, fulfil their potential and open up paths for professional growth is a day-to-day affair."


Emily, Senior Product Manager

Emily started as a Translations Coordinator and was promoted to driving our Localisation team. She continues to grow as a Product Manager in Consumer Engagement. Emily is an excellent leader and team builder – notorious for hosting the best pub quizzes.


Leana, Category Manager Asian & Tribal Art

Leana joined Catawiki in 2015 as an Account Manager. She transitioned from the Sales department to become Manager of a team of Experts. Leana also helps our Values Team, ensuring all Catawikians know and share in our company culture and values.

Meet our Fossils

When Catawikians have worked with us for 5 years, we celebrate their anniversary by awarding them with the honourable ‘Fossil’ status. We currently have over 115 Catawiki Fossils on our team!

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