What is something new you learned recently at Catawiki?

As a first-time manager, I’ve recently learnt quite a lot about managing people. At Catawiki, coaching people to thrive in their roles, fulfil their potential and open up paths for professional growth is a day-to-day affair. I was incredibly happy with the amount of support I received both from my manager and Catawiki’s HR department when I became a new manager myself. This really helped me start my new role on the right foot. Just a few topics that I’ve deepened my knowledge of include: leadership styles, navigating difficult conversations, and coaching.

What was an exciting challenge you worked on recently?

Recently, my team had to deliver strategic guidelines about how to improve A/B experimentation velocity at Catawiki, which focuses on increasing the speed of experimentation, while adhering to robust principles on experimentation design, implementation and evaluation. It was really exciting to collaborate together with colleagues from the Data and Product teams to deliver this piece. We developed a practical framework that helps us decide how and when to run experiments, which metrics we select, as well as how best to resolve conflicting cross-platform experiment outcomes.

What part of the product excites you the most?

Your answer: I am a bit biased here! When I originally joined Catawiki, I started as a Data Scientist working with Fulfilment Product teams. Fulfilment is currently focused on making the shipping experience smoother for our buyers and sellers and continuously improving the safety of our platform. I’ve supported the Fulfilment teams with data insights as an individual contributor, and my efforts drove many important decisions in this area. It’s always exciting and rewarding to see how these kinds of initiatives help make the experiences more positive for our customers.

What makes you excited about Catawiki as a company?

There are a few things. Firstly, I’m excited by how uniquely positioned Catawiki is. We’re the leading online marketplace for special objects that fulfil people’s passions. That’s great to be a part of. Passion is part of the human condition, and making people happy is inevitably enjoyable. I also love the Catawiki culture – it’s such an open and welcoming environment with a diverse range of talented people.

Can you tell us a little about the team you're in?

I work in Product Insights as part of the Data team. We focus on shaping data-driven decisions that improve user experience along with its business impact. Day to day, we work on different aspects of Data Science and Analytics: data deep-dives and defining metrics that help shape and evaluate the success of Catawiki features and entire product teams; we own Web/App Tracking and Analytics; support Product teams with all aspects of Experimentation, as well Reporting and Dashboarding. In addition to daily opportunities to have a real impact on the Catawiki platform, our work is varied, so it’s definitely not boring! 

What can a new Catawikian expect if they join now?

When you join, you will experience an open and dynamic culture. You will have an opportunity to shape real business decisions and help develop a truly unique online marketplace platform for special objects. And the fellow Catawikians will be there to support you along the way.

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