How we work

During the two years of the pandemic, Catawiki went through one of its most successful growth periods, while we were working remotely. When returning to the office became a possibility, we recognised that ‘work’ should no longer be defined as a place we go to, but rather something we do. Moving forward, we’re empowering our people to control how, where and when they work.
We found that Catawikians thrive on flexibility when it comes to working from the office versus home, as well as being conscious about what we do when we're together. Therefore, we’re breaking unnecessary rules and barriers of the workplace, providing Catawikians with the right spaces, tools and infrastructure to facilitate their preferences. This way, we're all set up to communicate and collaborate fluently, no matter where we are.

Our Locations


Situated in a historic building in the city centre, our HQ is the beating heart of our Dutch high-tech ecosystem. Just one stop away from Central Station, it's an ideal place for Catawiki teams to meet, build contacts and exchange ideas.


Before moving to the big city, we were bursting at the seams of our smaller office in Assen. Today, we have a Groningen location as the central hub for our CX team and central functions.


Many Catawikians work remotely from various cities and countries – especially our Experts. Depending on the role, we can support remote work from a growing list of countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Naturally, we'll always discuss the options before you join.

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