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Collecting is in Catawiki's DNA. The company was founded by comics collectors who wanted to create a community of fellow collectors. This legacy continues into the present day, as the Catawiki experts carefully curate each object sold on Catawiki. These objects include rare coins and stamps, vintage toys, custom-built guitars, signed football jerseys, and vintage cameras.

Our experts welcome around half a million visits from collectors every week and carefully sift through more than 20,000+ objects in auction every week.
Our team consists of 50 collectable experts worldwide, each with extensive knowledge in their field and decades of combined experience. As members of local collector communities, the Catawiki experts are attuned to their fellow enthusiasts' needs.
Some of our special objects up for auction have included: Special objects up for auction have included: the oldest stamp in the world, a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15: The Origin of Spider-Man and a guitar signed by David Bowie.

Meet Manuela, our Senior Stamps Expert

Manuela Sorani's life is inextricably linked to stamps. Her father was a fervent collector who took her to all sorts of fairs, auctions and gatherings. His award-winning pre-Israeli stamp collection was named after her. Building on the foundations he laid, Manuela Sorani lovingly continues her father’s legacy. Meanwhile, she has run her own business for more than twenty years, advising stamp collectors on their collections. This brings her into contact with the largest collections and the most exclusive stamps. Manuela Sorani uses all her knowledge of stamps to make beautiful auctions.

She advises sellers about compiling interesting lots and ensures that descriptions and photos are as they should be. This way she appeals to enthusiastic philatelists who are still building their collection, as well as collectors who are still looking for that one specific stamp. Manuela Sorani sees her audience becoming increasingly diverse, with Italians who get to know Catawiki and international bidders who get to know the often fascinating Italian stamps. As a true aficionado, this growth gives her even more satisfaction from her work.

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