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The Catawiki experts have many years of experience in the market for luxury items, and they work tirelessly to ensure that everything for sale on Catawiki is screened and verified. Our expert team includes certified- watchmakers and traders, gemologists, fashion tailors, jewellery makers, and vinologists.

Every week Catawiki curates an exceptional offering of over 20,000 luxurious objects for connoisseurs with refined taste. This international audience looks forward to discovering rare bottles of whisky, unique pieces of jewellery from emerging designers, vintage watches and much more.
Exceptional objects up for auction have included: dresses once worn by Claudia Schiffer and Lady Gaga, a limited edition 100 Omega wristwatch made in 1956 for the Melbourne Olympic Games.

Meet Stefani, Senior Expert Fashion Bags

Stefani Markovic's love for fashion was encouraged by her mother. Even without a big budget, she managed to create a radiant and elegant appearance. That fascinated Stefani. It taught her what fashion could mean for your expression and what it says about someone. Since then, she has been addicted to it. No day goes by without visiting a Parisian boutique. In addition, she visits all major auctions, fairs and master classes. That's where Stefani Markovic gets the knowledge she has been using for her own business for years for which she buys, sells and advises customers on the latest fashion trends.

Her huge fashion knowledge and experience with auctions makes Stefani Markovic the perfect auctioneer. She mainly deals with the luxury bags auctions. From modern Hermes and Gucci handbags, to vintage Louis Vuitton messenger bags or shoulder bags. She knows exactly which details are important and dives into the rich historical context of each bag. As a fashionista, Stefani Markovic knows only too well how it feels to fall in love with an item, an experience she does not want Catawiki’s visitors to miss. That's why she always includes the right mix of exclusive and affordable bags.

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